This hilarious tie-in edition of the smash-hit television series "Little Lunch" has three bite-sized stories for young readers.

This is what happened during Little Lunch: the old climbing tree was going to get cut down and Battie wasn't happy about it, Max and Elsa disappeared and everybody tried to solve the mystery, and a Grade Six girl asked Rory out. Yes, an actual Grade Six girl. A lot can happen in fifteen minutes!


Danny Katz is a newspaper columnist for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and is famous for his larger-than-life characters. He is the author of The Modern Guru column in the Saturday magazine (he swears those letters are real and he does not make them up).

Mitch Vane has illustrated many children's books, including the Little Lunch series, A Little Election and The Patch. She hates to draw straight lines!


Danny Katz, most famous for his columns in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, writes in a funny, whimsical style and the stories are beautifully complimented by Vane’s naïve-style cartoons.

Reading Time

Three stories are combined in one volume in this offering from Katz, the stories of the fifteen interval in the school’s morning session making wonderful reading for the newly independent reader. Highly recommended.

Read Plus

A must-read for middle primary children, while adults, too, may well relive their junior school days through these chuckle-laden stories.

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