A series starring two adorable friends, teaching BIG skills for MINI people!

Whether it’s taking charge of the niggling negative voice inside your head; understanding that being a good listener is about more than just the size of your ears; realising that talking through problems rather than running away from them might be the best answer, or learning how to be a good competitor, Mini and Milo’s charming adventures can assist young children in gaining much-needed resilience, communication and conflict resolution skills, with love and laughter on the way.

Written with heart and humour by family dispute specialist, mediator and mum, Venita Dimos and brilliantly illustrated by Natashia Curtin, Mini and Milo will become your best friends too!

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Venita Dimos is an experienced lawyer, mediator and coach. For over 20 years she has helped thousands of people solve complex problems and navigate difficult times in their lives.

As a mother of three daughters, she is passionate about empowering children with the skills and resilience to navigate the inevitable curveballs that life throws at them. Venita’s books explore key life skills in a fun, humorous and imaginative way. Her Mini & Milo series has been driven by the importance of teaching children emotional and social intelligence early on, so they arrive into adulthood armed with skills that support their future success and happiness.

Venita lives in Melbourne with her daughters. She is an outright optimist, loves heartfelt conversations and has a penchant for all things chocolate. Visit her online at venitadimos.com and Instagram @venitadimos

Natashia Curtin grew up in a Yolngu township in the Northern Territory, and completed high school while living in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. She always had her nose in a book, or was drawing pictures – because computer games weren’t invented yet, and it was stinky hot outside. She moved to Melbourne in the 1990s to study graphic design and learned how to live in a big city. While working as a graphic designer, Natashia met and married a lovely man, and they had two boys (who don’t draw, because computer games were invented). She likes boogie-boarding, listening to music and hanging with friends. She promised to barrack for Collingwood in her wedding vows. She hates rockmelon, rap music and bad paragraph spacing. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook or at natashiacurtin.com

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