You asked for it! Back by popular demand, another hilarious tie-in edition of the smash-hit television series Little Lunch. This is what happened during Little Lunch: Atticus’s grandmother made a weird smelly playlunch that Atticus refused to eat, Battie dressed up as Stretcho and did a whole bunch of amazing superhero deeds, and Melanie got Germblocked by everyone and she couldn't work out why. A lot can happen in fifteen minutes!


Danny Katz is a newspaper columnist for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and is famous for his larger-than-life characters. He is the author of The Modern Guru column in the Saturday magazine (he swears those letters are real and he does not make them up).


Little Lunch is cool and really funny.

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

The stories are like real life.

Danny Katz’s Little Lunch series brings to print the quirky, crazy adventures Aussie school kids have on a daily basis, in a beautifully illustrated book that fits right in your uniform pocket… The Little Lunch series provides you with stories that are filled with hilarious situations and teach great lessons on resilience, hard work and friendship along the way.

The Sunday Telegraph

Packed with Mitch Vane’s funny cartoons and photos of the television series cast, these short stories are just right for young readers.

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