Little Lunch: The Slide

Illustrator: Mitch Vane

Binding: E-Book

Imprint: Walker Books Australia

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Little Lunch Series

Age 6+

Children's & Young Adult Fiction & True Stories

**eBook Only** Three highly illustrated, hilarious stories about a group of kids and their adventures during the fifteen minutes of Little Lunch.

At Little Lunch Mrs Gonsha’s bum got stuck in the slide, we found something GROSS in the sandpit and Rory got sent to the principal’s office... again. What else can happen in fifteen minutes?


Danny Katz is the author of many books for kids and adults, including Spit the Dummy, S.C.U.M, The Poppa Platoon and the Little Lunch series. Danny was born in Canada and moved to Australia when he was a kid because he was allergic to maple syrup. After failed careers as a musician, comedian and car-washer, he turned to writing and became a columnist for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He is best known as the Modern Guru in the Good Weekend magazine. Danny lives in Melbourne with his wife Mitch Vane, a speckled dog named Specky, and a badly-washed car.


Kids aged six to nine will love these stories for their silliness and irreverence, and because they can digest each story quickly. Parents and kids will love them because their kids will be reading – and enjoying it.With the wit of author Danny Katz and the clever cartoon-style drawings of illustrator Mitch Vane, Little Lunch is a winner

Aussie Reviews

Another trio of short stories in this eminently collectable series of tales set in a school at recess time will delight early chapter readers. Katz’s perceptive look a the goings on in the playground during that most important fifteen minutes of escape from the classroom will have students laughing with glee as they recognise situations and people they have come across. And the funny take Katz puts on events will see a lot of sharing as kids want to read bits aloud, particularly words not normally come across in print. Vane’s accompanying equally hilarious illustrations give faces to the events, and in one case a very big bottom, that will make sure everyone is focused on what happens to that bottom… First published in 2003, this series is a very welcome reissue. The humour in the telling and the zaniness of the stories, captured by the wonderfully apt illustrations will engage a new audience, willing to see the very funny side of their time in the playground at little lunch.


The Little Lunch books are a wickedly sparkling series for children (and their adults) to fall into with hilarity and glee. Cleverly chaotic words and messy, inky images with line-drawings all intermingle in the most perfect, unexpected and disgusting ways. Somehow, the Little Lunch series manages to show children at their best and worst simultaneously. These books are perhaps ahead of their time in offering up strategies for building resilience, dealing with anxiety, sharing and being kind – without ever mentioning those words!

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