Little Lunch: The Bubblers

Illustrator: Mitch Vane

Binding: E-Book

Imprint: Walker Books Australia

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Little Lunch Series

Age 6+

Children's & Young Adult Fiction & True Stories

**eBook Only** Highly and hilariously illustrated, three stories of the antics and adventures that kids can get up to in the 15 minutes that is “Little Lunch”!

At Little Lunch we ate a BAD birthday pavlova, Atticus lost his glasses and we had a Disgusting Joke Competition by the bubblers. What else can happen in fifteen minutes?


Danny Katz is the author of many books for kids and adults, including Spit the Dummy, S.C.U.M, The Poppa Platoon and the Little Lunch series. Danny was born in Canada and moved to Australia when he was a kid because he was allergic to maple syrup. After failed careers as a musician, comedian and car-washer, he turned to writing and became a columnist for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He is best known as the Modern Guru in the Good Weekend magazine. Danny lives in Melbourne with his wife Mitch Vane, a speckled dog named Specky, and a badly-washed car.


A welcome reissue of the wonderful series of stories about kids in the playground at ’little lunch’, recess time, will enthral a new generation of early readers… Each story is about twelve pages long, liberally sprinkled with very funny illustrations, and the whole is ended off with a little lunch bag of puzzles and spot the difference pages, jokes and word finds.


The delightful, awkward, quiet and outlandish characters in this book are found in every classroom and playground. Somehow, Little Lunch manages to show children at their best and worst simultaneously.

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