Little Lunch: The School Gate

Illustrator: Mitch Vane

Binding: E-Book

Imprint: Walker Books Australia

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Little Lunch Series

Age 6+

Children's & Young Adult Fiction & True Stories

**eBook Only** Highly and hilariously illustrated, three stories of the antics and adventures that kids can get up to in the 15 minutes that is “Little Lunch”!

At Little Lunch Manny’s food fell outside the school gate, Debra-Jo Woo and Amba made TOILET-PAPER CROWNS and we invented a new ball game. What else can happen in fifteen minutes?


Danny Katz’s Little Lunch series brings to print the quirky, crazy adventures Aussie school kids have on a daily basis, in a beautifully illustrated book that fits right in your uniform pocket… The Little Lunch series provides you with stories that are filled with hilarious situations and teach great lessons on resilience, hard work and friendship along the way.

The Sunday Telegraph

A very welcome reissue of Danny Katz’s funny and well observed set of stories based on the happenings at recess time, or play lunch, that fifteen minutes that breaks the morning in the classroom. The group of kids get up to all sorts of adventures, which involve friends, learning limits, learning strategies, problem solving and not a few moral issues lightly touched upon along the way.

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