By popular demand, a slipcase of four hilarious tie-in editions of the smash-hit television series Little Lunch, now streaming.

What's better than fifteen minutes of Little Lunch? Four lots of fifteen minutes of Little Lunch!

Little Lunch: The Collection is a slipcase containing four TV tie-in editions of the smash-hit TV series, currently streaming on ABC i-View, Netflix and Amazon Prime. The books are Triple the Treats, Triple Snack Pack, Triple the Trouble and Triple the Laughs.


Danny Katz is the author of many books for kids and adults, including Spit the Dummy, S.C.U.M, The Poppa Platoon and the Little Lunch series. Danny was born in Canada and moved to Australia when he was a kid because he was allergic to maple syrup. After failed careers as a musician, comedian and car-washer, he turned to writing and became a columnist for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He is best known as the Modern Guru in the Good Weekend magazine. Danny lives in Melbourne with his wife Mitch Vane, a speckled dog named Specky, and a badly-washed car.

Mitch Vane is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Melbourne. She divides her time between illustrating children’s books and developing art projects of her own. Mitch loves creating quirky, humorous characters with watercolour and her scratchy dip pen and her distinctive, energetic style can be seen in the wide variety of children’s books she has illustrated. Along with the many talented authors she has worked with, Mitch often collaborates with humour columnist Danny Katz. Together they created the much-loved Little Lunch series which has been successfully adapted as a 28 episode TV show currently available on Netflix.


It is easy to read with large words and little black and white pictures on each page.

Kids Book Review

What’s better than fifteen minutes of Little Lunch? Four lots of fifteen minutes of Little Lunch!

Danny Katz’s Little Lunch series brings to print the quirky, crazy adventures Aussie school kids have on a daily basis, in a beautifully illustrated book that fits right in your uniform pocket… The Little Lunch series provides you with stories that are filled with hilarious situations and teach great lessons on resilience, hard work and friendship along the way.

Gemma Piali, The Sunday Telegraph

For those readers looking for a chapter book laced with a dose of humour and a familiar theme, Danny Katz’s funny stories about school life revolving around that fifteen minute break in the middle of the morning will be just the thing.


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