A surreal modern folk-tale about an adventurous little girl who must protect a peaceful living creature.

Erin is fascinated by the legend of Black Rock: a huge, dark and spiky mass that is said to destroy any boats that come near it! But are the tales really true? One day Erin sneaks on board her mother’s fishing boat to find out…

Featuring a brave and curious young girl as the main character, The Secret of Black Rock contains a subtle message relating to environmentally-friendly practices and the importance of protecting coral reefs.


Joe Todd-Stanton grew up in Brighton and studied at UWE Bristol, receiving a first class degree in illustration. His first picture book, Arthur and the Golden Rope, was published by Flying Eye Books in 2016. He lives in London.


The gentle environmental message takes on a kind of magic in Todd-Stanton’s pictures of Erin suspended in the ocean among incandescent jellyfish or facing down a monstrous, weaponised fishing fleet in the moonlight. A young artist to watch.

The Guardian

The layers of ocean life and the benign Black Rock are beautifully rendered in this wonderfully tactile hardback, while the gently delivered environmental message adds a welcome real-life depth to the modern mythic tale.

Irish Times

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