An exciting new addition to the narrative non-fiction series Nature Storybooks, about honey bees.

The cold is coming and Scout is on a daring flight in search of the last flowers of autumn. Scout’s mission is very dangerous, but it is also vital, because the flowers provide the precious nectar the hive needs to make honey. Can the hive make enough honey to survive the long winter months?


The vivacious water colour and pencil illustrations serve the story well, giving all readers, young and old, a firm understanding of the look of the honey bee and making it so endearing without giving it human characteristics, as the story is followed.

Read Plus

The perfect read as spring awakens nature, Flight will fascinate outdoorsy youngsters as they view spring through the eyes of a honey bee.

Daily Parent

This is how to tune younger readers into science: weave a factually accessible narrative, rich with expressive language, through a montage of beautifully crafted, high impact illustrations…

North & South

A beautifully told, deliciously rendered book about a day-in-the-life of a young bee.

NZ Booksellers Blog

The information captions reveal surprising facts … The drawings of the bees are spectacular.

4MBS Kerry Neary

a book that everyone — young and old — can enjoy as well as learn from.

Anouska Jones

The book is lushly illustrated in rich earthen colours that serve to enhance the story.

Sharon Greenway

Lovelock’s mixed-media art is simply stunning, pairing compositions of vigorous graphic strength with delicate watercolor mottling and precise biological detail.

The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

The prose is polished and informative… Lovelock’s mixed-media art is simply stunning

The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

an intimate portrait of bee life that children aged from 4 to 8 will find irresistible.

The Children's Bookshop

A delightful insight into the life of a honey bee.


There are many fine books on this insect, but this one will be welcome in libraries that can use just a little more for children in the early grades.

Margaret Bush, Simmons College


Kentucky Bluegrass Award
Virginia Readers’ Choice Award
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