Let's Save the Great Barrier Reef: Why we must protect our planet

Illustrator: Jean Claude

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Walker Books

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Let's Save ... Series

Age 5+

Nature, The Natural World

Discover why we must protect the Great Barrier Reef from climate change.
The Great Barrier Reef is a wonderland of colour beneath the waves. The largest coral reef in the world, it is home to a quarter of all ocean life. This beautifully illustrated picture book brings to life this extraordinary underwater world for young children, exploring its dazzling coral gardens and rainbow-coloured sea creatures. Diving into this unique habitat, readers will discover fascinating marine life, how the coral reef helps our oceans and therefore why it is so important that we act to protect this special aquatic landscape from the impact of climate change.


After campaigning with Greenpeace for years, Catherine Barr trained as a journalist and became an editor at the Natural History Museum, writing exhibitions. She now writes books for children. Her first book, The Story of Life, was shortlisted for The English Association Picture Book Award and long listed for the School Library Association Information Book Awards.
Jean Claude is a self-taught illustrator from the UK. He lives with his partner and child, and their cat. When he's not drawing he loves making ceramics in a local studio, visiting the botanical gardens and baking bread.


I found that the impact of Barr’s words was heightened by the fact that Claude’s illustration makes everything look so bright and beautiful […] The book is an asset in the primary Geography classroom

Just Imagine

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is home to a quarter of all ocean life, but it also has many other roles to play in the ecosystems of the region including protecting the Queensland coast from powerful ocean weather and waves , sheltering the communities that are spread along the shoreline. This, and many other reasons for its protection are presented in this picture book for young readers, each starting with the line, “Let’s save the Great Barrier Reef because… ” followed by a clear but simple explanation and accompanied by stunning illustrations that really drive home the message.

The Bottom Shelf

A clear but simple explanation and accompanied by stunning illustrations that really drive home the message.


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