A cheerful, contemporary picture book about playing make-believe and the fish you hook up from the laundry basket when you’re fishing from the bath boat—underpants!

This morning, Fodo Dodo and Noodle go fishing. They take raincoats, boots, hats and a fishing rod. From their bathtub boat, they soon catch a beautiful striped fish out of the laundry basket—underguppies!

Fodo Dodo and Noodle rush to the kitchen to prepare their feast. But the owner of the underpants is not happy with this game of make-believe. Never mind, Fodo Dodo has another idea to keep the fun alive with an even better use for the rest of the laundry.

This cheerful, simple story takes its imaginary premise to a laugh out loud ending as two silly animals make the most of playtime in the bath. With wordplay, rhythm and repetition, this stylish picture book is built for a fun read-aloud full of silly words and humor. Themes of imagination and play, and contemporary graphic illustrations all help transform a dull or troublesome bathtime routine into a fun, creative playground for toddlers and preschoolers.


Édouard Manceau is author and illustrator of over 100 books for children. He leads many workshops with children and has won several prizes.


With self-assured characters and snappy pacing, it’s a simple angling story that’s as streamlined and functional as a pair of underpants.

Publishers Weekly

The perfect book to read aloud, turn a dull or troublesome bathtime routine into fun, and to celebrate the creative joy to be found in play and pretend.

Lancashire Post

This vibrantly illustrated picture book has style that reminds me of a cross between Jane Foster and Stephanie Blake.

Reading Time, The Children's Book Council of Australia

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