The Burning Story of Climate Change

The Drum Series

Age 12+

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This burning story of climate change is a new book in the award-winning non-fiction series for teens, The Drum. Written by award winner Carole Wilkinson, author of the bestselling book The Drum: Black Snake and the international smash hit Dragonkeeper series.

Talking about the weather used to be small talk, now it's the hottest topic on Earth. We can’t survive without Earth’s atmosphere, yet most of the time we ignore it. We treat our atmosphere as a rubbish dump for our greenhouse gas emissions. Slowly but surely, what we are doing is changing Earth’s climate. Atmospheric cuts through the many voices raised around climate change to tell the story of our atmosphere, what is putting our climate at risk and what we can do about it. This could be the most important book you read in your life.


Carole Wilkinson is an internationally award-winning and bestselling author. Carole writes both fiction and non-fiction and her stories are loved by young people all over the world. Carole embarked on her writing career at the age of 40 and she has been making up for lost time ever since. Carole is interested in the history of everything. She is also a member of a climate action group, campaigning for sustainable living and a safe climate. These two passions have been brought together in Atmospheric: The Burning Story of Climate Change.


Atmospheric is an insightful piece of multimodal non-fiction which really makes you think twice about the environment around us and how we care for it. This is a book which is both easy to read and yet deeply informative…

Genie in a Book

This is the clearest and easiest to understand book that I have read about climate change—either for adults or children. Highly recommended for everybody, including climate change skeptics!

103.1FM Grafton

Told in her usual straight forward, no-nonsense style, this is a book that takes the reader step by step through the science of climate change. The first-person stories really bring the science to life and make this engaging and accessible.


Complete with a timeline of key dates, a glossary and suggested websites, Atmopsheric effectively uses short accessible chapters to introduce young readers to the facts and urgency of the situation.


This is a well-written, easy-to-read-and-understand book, with great illustrations. While directed at the YA market, there should be a copy of this book in every School and Public Library as it is an excellent resource for children from Primary School onwards and for adults as well.

Booksellers NZ

Atmospheric is going to be an extremely important book in the coming years; it is an extraordinary collection of manageable and easy-to-understand facts about how the modern world is changing the natural world we live in.

The Book Kat

The topic of climate change is an important one for today’s teens to understand and this book certainly contains lots of well -presented information


This book is written in such an engaging way, almost magazine-style science and social history, that it is easy to read from beginning to end. Highly recommended.


50 Best Books for Kids 2015

The Listener

This book is scholarly but accessible, and is a valuable contribution to studies on climate change.

Read Plus

Atmospheric is a thought-provoking and accessible book. Read it, consider the issues, and act accordingly

Kids' Book Review

This is both an excellent educative tool, and inspirational, and will leave readers better informed and keen to make a difference.

Aussie Reviews


Environment Award for Children’s Literature, Non-fiction
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