Join Ava as she takes off on a fabulous space adventure. With die-cuts and surprises throughout!

Blast off to adventure! Join Ava as she explores the furthest reaches of the solar system, and beyond. Die cut pages and pop-ups make every page a surprise as you take a ride in a moon buggy, discover a Martian rover looking for life and watch the greatest show in outer-space - a supernova explosion.


Susan Hayes writes and publishes many different kinds of books for children. She has numerous best sellers in every corner of the globe. Susan is in awe of children’s limitless imagination and thirst for knowledge. She strives to learn from the children she knows and meets, and to enjoy the world through their fresh, curious eyes. Susan lives in the East Sussex countryside with her own children - Sylvie, Finley, and Sam; her partner Neil; and two gorgeous but slightly silly ducks, Dolly and Izzy.

Susanna Rumiz is an illustrator based in Italy. She mainly works on children's books and likes to draw fun and adventurous stories with a pinch of mystery. In her free time, she grows jungles on her balcony and collects other people's shopping lists.


Head into space with Ava and her cat as she pilots her rocket through our solar system. Collect rock samples and learn about the planets. Watch out for the amazing countdown pages at the start!

Library Girl and Book Boy

This spectacular space jaunt is a top-tier blend of adventure and information, creatively conveyed. Bright colors, inventive use of die-cut pages, and one spectacular pop-up tableau provide eye-catching scenes, almost every one offering a window onto the scene to follow. Ava, a brown-skinned young astronaut-in-the-making, has a bedroom filled with models of rockets and planets….Five double-page spreads depicting levels of staging around Ava’s rocket are die-cut in the shapes of numerals, inviting kids to join in the countdown: “5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 / 0 / LIFT OFF.” The text is accessible for young readers yet rich in information and detail. In companion title Ocean Adventure, a black boy named Noah has an equally thrilling undersea expedition. Absolutely stellar.

Kirkus Reviews

These sturdy, informative books, with their intriguing peep-holes and a final fold-out surprise, deliver fascinating facts about space travel and the wonders of the deep with an exciting, colourful and fun-filled flourish.

Lancashire Post

With pages designed in the shape of number for countdown and lift-off, planets to discover, and a final landing back on Earth in time for supper, this is the perfect way to enjoy learning in action!

Lancashire Post

This a very informative board book, the fairly sparse text giving a very good overview of space exploration and the solar system for young readers. It also is very sturdy and will withstand much handling. The cut-outs will provide fun for small fingers and children are sure to love finding that cute little cat on every double page spread.


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