Find out how unique Planet Earth really is in this eye-catching book of comparisons.

Planet Earth: big, blue, unique among all the incredible things in the universe. Or is it? In this unique look at our world, discover how it compares against other fascinating objects, big and small. Find out about tiny viruses, giant mountains ion Mars, scorching planets and whether human's really are in charge on Planet Earth.

Colourful illustrations from Argentinian designer Marcos Farina present visual comparisons with an infographic element.


The wealth of information contained within the slender cover of Earth Is Big is impressive … This book elegantly reveals dichotomies that we live alongside, but rarely consider. Earth Is Big shows what an amazing planet we live on … this is a perfect volume for switching young minds on to the world around them.


With an engrossing layout, captivating graphics and precision typography, Earth is Big is a wonderful book to add to your KS2 library. It’s a mind-bogglingly impressive compendium of STEM facts and statistics that cover Earth’s size, age, life, composition, climate, speed, shape, mass, evolution and uniqueness … But it’s not just a wealth of information that makes Steve Tomecek’s book impressive. Children will appreciate the miracle of Earth’s precious existence and begin to understand the delicate equilibria that make all our lives possible.

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An amazing amount of always readable information encompassing such topics as mass extinctions, the Sutter’s Hill meteor strike in 2021 and climate change, which is mentioned several times, is packed between the covers of this book.

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