An out-of-this-world guide to spacewalking for budding young astronauts and curious kids. With stunning NASA photos from the author's own space adventures, this accessible and friendly book will encourage children to reach for the stars one step at a time!


Join KATHRYN D. SULLIVAN, three-time shuttle astronaut and the first American woman to walk in space, and celebrated author and artist MICHAEL J. ROSEN, as you report for duty on the NASA space programme. Experience moving in zero gravity, learn how to conduct scientific experiments while in orbit, and practise manoeuvres in your 130-kilogram space suit in the world’s largest pool, until … lift-off!

With dazzling photographs and an astronaut as your guide, the sky is the limit on the spacewalking adventure of your life.


Kathryn D. Sullivan, also known as “The Most Vertical Person in the World”, has spanned the greatest distance that any Earthling has travelled, from the deepest ocean to the altitudes of three space-shuttle missions. Among the first women in the US space programme – and the first American woman to “walk in space” — she is also an oceanographer, global explorer, pilot, author of Handprints on Hubble, and the host of the podcast Kathy Sullivan Explores. For several years, she served as Under Secretary of Commerce for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). She lives in Ohio, USA, with a pair of Havanese pooches.

Michael J. Rosen is the author of some 150 books for readers of all ages, including A Ben of All Trades: The Most Inventive Boyhood of Benjamin Franklin, illustrated by Matt Tavares; A Tale of Rescue, illustrated by Stan Fellows; and four volumes of haiku. Although his imagination has soared in many directions and genres, the one he’s never considered is up: a step stool is his maximum height, and a sheet of black construction paper on the floor makes him dizzy. Michael J. Rosen lives in the Appalachia foothills of Ohio, USA, where he also works as a painter, sculptor, printmaker, and companion animal to a cattle dog named Chant.


This easy to navigate book will enthrall primary children and beyond as they investigate the real world of astronauts and their search for the stars.

The School Librarian

A large amount of fascinating factual information is presented, but alongside this we share an empowering account of a woman fulfilling her dreams; it’s one that will surely encourage child readers to live the ‘life you invent’ – to reach for the stars.

Red Reading Hub

If you want to know what makes up a space suit, you’ll find it here. If you’re interested to know what meteors are, you’ll find it here. And, should you ever find yourself on the verge of taking your own walk in space, you’ll remember the life-saving (and life affirming) tips you will find in-between the covers of this book.

The Letterpress Project

This is a fantastic work of non-fiction which hugely encourages children to aim for the stars and leaves them inspired and excited about space travel. We are off to play astronauts (again!!)

Mini Travellers Blog

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