Join Maxie on a building site in this board book with peek-a-boo holes throughout and a pop-up!

Join Maxie and their construction crew as they build their dream skyscraper from the ground up. Zoom: Building Site Adventure is the next entry is What on Earth Books' Zoom series of larger format, 36-page board books written by Sue Grabham and illustrated by Susanna Rumiz, with diecuts and a popup offering surprises on every page.


Susan Hayes is in awe of children’s limitless imagination and thirst for knowledge. She strives to learn from the children she knows and meets, and to enjoy the world through their fresh, curious eyes. Susan lives in the East Sussex countryside of the UK with her own children, her partner Neil and two gorgeous but slightly silly ducks, Dolly and Izzy. She has written dozens of children's books.

Susanna Rumiz is an illustrator based in Italy. She mainly works on children's books and likes to draw fun and adventurous stories with a pinch of mystery. In her free time, she grows jungles on her balcony and collects other people's shopping lists.

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