Are you ready to begin your journey through space? Then all you have to do is look up into the night sky. What can you see?

Marvel at the twinkling stars, and the constellations that they make. Learn about what different cultures call each shape and what the patterns means to them. Then get ready to venture farther – out into the solar system and past what the naked eye can see.

Hop from planet to planet and discover what makes Earth different, or similar, to its celestial neighbours. Marvel at the ways that humans have explored our solar system, and beyond, with space shuttles, rockets and probes. There is a whole wide universe out there, with secrets and mysteries to solve. Grab your telescope and get ready for the intergalactic journey of a lifetime!


Lara Albanese has graduated in Physics, with a MBA in Science and Technology of Matters. She is a teacher, author of children’s books and papers, and works with the Astrophysical Observatory of Arcetri (Florence).

Tommaso Vidus Rosin is an illustrator and graphic designer. He switches between illustration, graphic and cartoons, and he’s fond of calligraphy and lettering. He designed several magazine covers and illustrated various books for the major Italian publishers. For Dalc. Edizioni, he has illustrated the best-selling title “Future Atlas”.


A visually awesome guide to the cosmos that will keep children in KS2 glued and wanting more. Accessible, yet detailed, this distinctive blend of history, human development, astronomy, and culture is a must for the KS2 school library and children interested in space.

The School Reading List

This is a most impressive galactic guide. The size of this books demands attention – it is almost 28 x 38 cms and is appropriate to the subject matter. As a result, the double page spreads are almost like posters … A superb volume that creates awe and wonder, informs and inspires.

The English Association

The illustrations are absolutely stunning, with vibrant colours and plenty of details to explore … This treasure of a book is a wonderful learning tool and will be sure to inspire young space enthusiasts!


Topics within the different sections are given a double-page spread. I love the use of visual information. The different spacecraft used to explore Mars, for example, are lined across the page and explained with clear labels. The illustrations very much place children and young people at the centre … This stands out as an accessible and immersive book that takes the reader on an adventure.

Book Murmuration

This is such a fantastic book for the many children out there fascinated with space. Detailed maps of planets and moons, galaxies and the solar system are surrounded by interesting facts and well set out information … Details on everything from human exploration of the moon to how our planet is viewed from space fill this book, making it a perfect gift for every would be astronaut out there.


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