From bestselling and multi-award-winning author Dr Mark Norman.

If you think your family is funny, imagine being a baby alligator carried around in its mother's mouth! Find out why some families of the animal world are so funny.


Dr Norman is Head of Sciences at Museum Victoria where he leads the large and active natural sciences research team. For his own research he studies octopuses, squids, cuttlefishes and nautiluses (the cephalopods). He is also a trained teacher, an educational display designer and an experienced underwater cinematographer. His research and projects with documentary makers including BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel has covered giant squid, poisonous blue-ringed octopuses, huge aggregations of southern giant cuttlefish and diving surveys of remote Indo-Pacific coral reefs.


a quirky and entertaining way to impart information to young readers

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Funny Families would be a great addition to any school and is a great jumping-off point for discussion on all animal differences.

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