A beautiful non-fiction picture book about animals around the world.

This nonfiction picture book takes readers around the world through the months of the year, looking at seasons in both the northern and southern hemisphere. It focuses on a species in each hemisphere for that month, e.g. March in the northern hemisphere is polar bear cubs in the Canadian Arctic and also saltwater crocodiles in Australia. There will be a range of countries, habitats, species and animal activities. Potential for more in-depth facts at the end of the book for older readers.

North and South: A Tale of Two Hemispheres, has been announced as a Storylines Notable Book in the non-fiction category,


Sandra Morris is an author/illustrator from New Zealand and also runs her own illustration agency. She has a Masters in Fine Art. Her first book, One Lonely Kakapo, won the 1992 Russell Clark award for illustration. Since then Sandra has gone on to win numerous awards. Her two Walker Books titles, Sensational Survivors and A New Zealand Nature Journal, were both finalists at the New Zealand Book Awards and the LIANZA awards.


Gorgeous watercolour illustrations allow the animals to take their turn in the spotlight with a focus on movement and grace. Perfect for readers interested in viewing the world’s animals and their activities in a new light. A range of local and international creatures makes for a book that will appeal to readers everywhere.

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This gorgeous non-fiction picture book has become a firm favourite in our house – you can probably see why.

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In this work which will enlarge young readers’ understanding of how conditions in the Earth’s northern and southern hemispheres affect animal life, author-illustrator Morris explores the diverse conditions that exist in each. Readers learn about the imaginary dividing line that is the equator and how the hemispheres’ seasons are different. Then, with the year divided in months, the author reveals, in unflinching text, the challenges each animal experiences in its habitat and how each animal’s distinctive characteristics, behavior, and survival skills results in its conservation status. For example, for January, the featured northern hemisphere animals are the Scottish ptarmigan and mountain hare of the Scottish Highlands experiencing winter, while the southern hemisphere features northern Australia’s green tree python in the summer. The soft textures used in the illustrations work together with the text, revealing a truth children can grow on. The back matter consists of a glossary, index, internet resources, and suggestions on how to help animal life on Earth. VERDICT Morris has created an eye-opening introduction to animals in the northern and southern hemisphere: it’s not to be missed. Starred review.

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North & South: A Tale of Two Hemispheres is a glorious nonfiction book brimming with fascinating facts about a myriad of animals. It encompasses a range of themes including endangered species, conservation, and climate change.

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New Zealand Book Awards, Elsie Locke Award for Non-fiction
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