Take baby on a walk in the park to discover the ecology of your local environment in the next in the Big Science for Tiny Tots series from MIT Kids!

Put baby in the stroller and take a walk in your local park. Smell a beautiful yellow flower and discover how light helps it to blossom. See how a squirmy worm helps the park's ecosystem. Feel the smooth bark of a tree, and listen to all the different animals who make the park their home. Science is all around us, waiting to be discovered!

This bright and engaging photographic board book encourages littles ones and their carers to ask questions, be curious and discover that science really can be fun!


Jill Esbaum writes both fiction and nonfiction including books in the Nature Numbers series with Scholastic and Little Kids Big Book, Explore My World, and other series with National Geographic. She is also the author of a standalone title called Jack Knight’s Brave Flight.

WonderLab Group is a children's non-fiction content creator founded by experienced editors from National Geographic.

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