The World of 400 Connected Facts

Illustrator: Andy Smith

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Britannica Books

FACTopia Series

Age 8+

Children's & Young Adult: General Non-Fiction

Enter a world of astounding facts which connect to each other in surprising and hilarious ways!

Did you know that a squid has a brain the shape of a doughnut? Or that some butterflies drink turtle tears? Welcome to FACTopia!, a marvellous place where every fact is delightful and astounding! Each fact in the book is connected to the next in an enthralling web of information. These connections are wacky and wonderful - you will move from facts about dinosaurs to facts about eggs to facts about goats. This ingenious and playful book is a fact-filled adventure trail and launches a major new series.


A goldmine of incredible information presented by linking one fact to the next.


This coruscating cornucopia of extraordinary facts is truly a fun and fact-filled reading adventure.

Lancashire Evening Post

The bright orange cover is so appealing … Inside, the bite-sized facts are easy to read and digest prompting thought and discussion long after the book has been closed. The illustrations are fun and dominate the page while the arrows between the facts prompt even the most reluctant reader to investigate further.

Scope for Imagination

A bright and bold addition to my bookshelf.


There’s something for everyone in this compelling and highly readable mini-encyclopedia. This brightly illustrated small hardback is an ideal resource for children to dip into.

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