See how the horse evolved from its ancient relatives, learn about famous horses from history and discover interesting facts along the way in this elegantly illustrated book. From the earliest cave paintings of wild horses to domesticated ones today, horses have been a huge part of human history. Readers will journey through the history of horse and human interaction and explore our relationship with these spirited and beautiful animals.


Iris Volant is a writer and researcher from London who specialises in non-fiction for children. Horses is her first book. Jarom Vogel is an illustrator, designer and digital artist. Originally enrolling at Brigham Young University to study dentistry, he soon gave in to his childhood passion for drawing and switched to an illustration major. He now works freelance and lives in Utah. Horses is his first book for children.


The book has that elegant coffee-table feel

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Horses Wild and Free by Iris Volant and Jarmon Vogel is superb for the horse lover.

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Rich illustrations in deep greens, mellow browns and vivid blues stand out and complement the text that is concise and interesting to read

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A great and insightful history that captivates the attention of youngsters

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Little Angel

@flyingeyebooks always manage to create such beautiful non fiction books that it is so very hard to pass them up.

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