Jonathan Emmett

Jonathan Emmett was born in Leicestershire in 1965, the son of a rig-fitter and a primary school teacher. It was while Jonathan was at college studying architecture, that he first began to develop his skills as a writer and illustrator. As an architect, Jonathan worked on a wide variety of projects including an art gallery, a theatre and an airport check-in building. However he was never very happy in the job and was always saying that he didn’t want to be doing it in ten years time. After a few years in architecture, he switched careers, and he is now a full-time writer and paper-engineer. Three months after leaving a career in architecture, Jonathan signed up with a literary agent and a couple “of months later he sold his first pop-up book Scraposaurus Wrecks”. However, although he completed the book, it was never published. This was a big disappointment, but the fact that he had sold the story, and been commissioned to illustrate and paper-engineer it, gave him the confidence to continue working on children’s books and he subsequently succeeded in getting into print. In addition to writing chapter fiction and picture books such as “No Place Like Home”, “Bringing Down the Moon” and “Diamond in the Sky”, Jonathan has also written and paper-engineered a number of pop-up books.