A spellbinding collection of poems from Matt Goodfellow.

There's a chicken
There's a chicken
There's a chicken on the roof
The only way she's coming down is a chicken parachute!

Dance through deserts and crawl through caves. Discover a sorcerer's wand or a slice of lunar lemon. Hide in the fur of an African goat, check for rain snakes and gobbling goblins - and look out for a chicken on the roof! This is a spellbinding collection from a poet whose high-energy performances delight children across the UK.


Matt Goodfellow is a poet and primary school teacher from Manchester. Hailed in Poetry Zone as a "fresh, young and welcome new voice to children's poetry", this is his second collection of poems. Since embarking on his poetry career, Matt’s high-energy performances and workshops have delighted and enthused thousands of children in schools, libraries and bookshops across the UK.

Hannah Asen creates vibrant, detailed pen and ink illustrations fuelled with humour and imagination. Hannah’s love of words and pictures led her to study art and languages at Edinburgh University before relocating to the creative capital of Berlin in 2010. In 2017 Hannah returned to the UK and her Edinburgh studio is now filled with inks, paints and characters all coming to life.


Matt Goodfellow’s poetry shows how mystery and adventure can live between the shortest of lines.

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