Discover creatures from the Australian bush.

Crinkly material and simple contrast illustrations designed for sensory stimulation and development. Part of the Crinkly Book of Aussie Animals series which includes From the Bush, From the Nest, From the Ocean and From the Outback.


Jill Brailsford was born in England and moved to Australia in as a young girl. She studied art and design after leaving school and has been illustrating on and off in between lots of part-time jobs including café cook, flower picker and stained glass window painter.


A gorgeous way to introduce wee ones to our native fauna, this collection would also make a wonderful gift for overseas newborns (nice and light to post, too!). Creative, beautifully-crafted, with two words of text per page, this is true baby bliss–in monochrome…

Kids' Book Review

Once in a while, books come along that are so good, they make me want to have another baby. I know! Yes, that’s how much I love these books–the ‘Crinkly’ series by artist Jill Brailsford.

Kids Book Review

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