The snakes are back, and this time, there's work to be done! Hisssssssssssssh goes the sound of the brakes.

Our colourful, wriggly friends slide into their trucks and roll out slow. They're driving diggers and bulldozers and cranes. There's even a food truck at lunch time; today's special, Ant Tacos! But no time for rest – there's a time crunch! The snakes band together to get the job done, but what are they building? And will the hamsters be allowed to join the fun?


Kathryn Dennis began her art career drawing on walls and sidewalks and painting anything that did not move. In fourth grade, she published her first project, a comic strip about a platypus, which she sold for a nickel. Snakes on a Train was her (official) picture book debut. Find her online at


With that repeat sibilant sound and other wordplay, this is an enjoyable read aloud for little ones. They’ll love the bright digital art and the simple tale wherein teamwork is paramount. One to add to your nursery collection or home shelves if you have very young children.

Red Reading Hub

This is a brilliant and fun second book in this series and I hope there will be more adventures with these snakes because I have really enjoyed this book! There is some fun repetition with the hissing which children will love

The Strawberry Post

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