Australian poetry for Australian kids.

Dianne Bates has complied a fabulous collection of poetry written by over thirty different Australian poets for Australian children. Topics include school, family, special events like birthdays and Christmas, animals and sports.


Dianne Bates is a full-time freelance author and has written over 130 books for young readers. She has worked as a newspaper and magazine editor and manuscript assessor. Di is a recipient of The Lady Cutler Award for distinguished services to children’s Literature. Her website is


I loved all of the poems in this book, and I give it a whopping five out of five, because I cannot find a flaw in any way whatsoever. Anyone would find this book interesting, and whether you’re nine or ninety, I guarantee that you will enjoy it. (reviewed by Grace D, child reviewer)

Creative Kids Tales

Beginning with an interesting and revealing introduction by Dianne Bates, this outstanding collection of Australian poems is a gem.

Kids' Book Review

The book is small and the content well spread out—it is a great small book and I hope it is really successful. A great book for school libraries, teachers and kids of 7-14 years.

Janet Croft Reviews

Funny, irreverent, happy, sad and poignant this collection of diverse poems would be a great addition to a school or home library.

Reading Time

I would recommend this anthology for children ages 7 to 10 who like all sorts of poems. REVIEWED BY MATILDA, 10, WA

Alphabet Soup

They are varied enough to be read through at a sitting, individually satisfying enough to be picked out and savoured one, or three at a a time.

Magpies Magazine

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