The History of Pre-History

Illustrator: Brita Granström

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Otter-Barry Books

Age 7+

Children's & Young Adult: General Non-Fiction

The essence of life on Earth before humans began to write about it is revealed in this beautifully illustrated non-fiction book.

Join two young time-travellers (and their cat) on an adventure through time! From the first emergence of life to the appearance of early humans, through the Stone and Bronze Ages, right up until the magic moment when writing was developed, and people began to describe their world…


Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom have developed a unique and highly successful approach to non-fiction picture books, with illustrations and text that bring the young reader right into events. Of their Charles Dickens: Scenes from an Extraordinary Life (2011), Simon Callow wrote in the New York Times that their "verve and wit are infectious ... a wonderful, enduring introduction". Their many awards include the Smarties Silver Award, the English Association Award (four times), and the Royal Society Young People's Book Award. Their most recent book is Books, Books, Books!, published by Otter-Barry Books in 2017.

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