A story of cunning, courage and survival, in which a girl sets out to save her father from the giant who turns people to stone

When her father leaves to fight the giant, the child in the red dress is left alone.
Many days and many nights go by. Every evening the girl says good night to herself in her mirror. When the last light burns down, the girl takes her mirror and a knife and sets out to find her father.

The Stone Giant is a contemporary and timeless fairytale that tells of a child who succeeds where adults cannot.


Anna Höglund is one of Sweden’s foremost illustrators, who has written her own books as well as illustrating the work of other leading authors, and received many international awards.


A tale for a school aged child seeking adventure.

Sharon Greenaways Reviews

This is a lovely hand sized book which children will often return to, reading of the girl using her courage and ingenuity to rescue her father.And the delightful illustrations will attract their attention as they read the text…highly recommended


This is one of those lovely little books that you wish you had when you were a child

Good Reading

There was something magical and whimsical about this story … absolutely stunning

idreamofallthebooks - Instagram

Another gorgeous publication from Gecko Press, The Stone Giant is a tale that reflects the determination, cunning and courage of a child to save the person she loves

Kids' Book Review

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