A charming story about a little girl who longs to go into space, and be just like her mum!

In this charming introduction to space and space travel, one little girl dreams of going on missions into outer space. She and her father are at home by themselves, because her mum is away. Papa points out some of the challenges that astronauts have to face, but Astrid knows that she’ll be OK, whether it's controlling a space-craft, eating space food or moving around and sleeping in zero gravity. And when Papa and Astrid go to meet Mama we get a big surprise...Astrid’s mother is a real astronaut, just returned from a space trip!


Ken Wilson-Max was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He came to the UK to study design and ended up
working in children's publishing. His own first book was published in 1993 and since then there have been
many, including the Lenny and Max series. As well as being a leading graphic designer, he is the publisher
of Chicken! a newspaper which introduces current affairs to primary school children. He spends much time
visiting schools and libraries, creating workshops and delivering exhibitions. He calls this "a great part of
my job, the place where I learn the most."

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