Culinary correspondent Alice Zaslavsky’s first book for young foodies takes readers on an edible adventure; packed with delicious facts, clever cooking tips and kid-approved recipes.

Alice Zaslavsky has been described as “Andy Griffiths meets Heston Blumenthal,” and this book brims with her trademark energy and enthusiasm for all things food.

Young readers will be captivated by a feast of information: from avocados to zucchini and everything in between. Alice aims to inspire a love of food in kids with her tasty book that’s full of all the things you ever wanted to know about food - and also some things you probably didn’t!


Alice Zaslavsky is a fresh voice in food, with a bright, inclusive tone that brings people into the kitchen and invites them to stay. Her modern, accessible approach to cooking has been honed through a career that spans champion food judge, critic, writer, television host and food literacy advocate.

As a bestselling cookbook author, creator of, a free digital toolkit for teachers and parents to help kids fall in love with food, regular contributor to ABC News Breakfast, ABC Radio and Good Food and with a wide array of other television and media appearances; Alice is a high-profile media personality and established authority on food.

Kat Chadwick was born in Pahiatua, New Zealand. She completed a Diploma in Fine Arts (majoring in print making), then spent a few years exhibiting and travelling the world. In 1995 she moved to Melbourne to study Graphic Design at Swinburne University. After gaining an Honours degree, she worked at various Melbourne design studios before establishing her own business, Designland, with her partner in life and design, Andrew Budge.


Too often children’s cookbooks are just bad collections of cheap, cheesy content and recipes for happy-face pizzas, which makes finding a good cookbook for primary school kids or your own ‘inner child’ very difficult—until now! Alice Zaslavsky is a Melbourne-based primary school teacher who made it through to the finals of ‘MasterChef’ series five (she’s the one with the ‘big glasses’). Alice’s Food A-Z is an engaging, personal and healthy introduction to food that will intrigue kids, adults—even picky eaters! Zaslavsky’s zany sense of humour percolates throughout (think Andy Griffiths meets Heston Blumenthal) and her 40 recipes for snacks and easy dishes, scattered over 26 A-Z foodie chapters, illustrate good cooking techniques without being preachy. Liberally seasoned with interesting and engaging ‘facts’, ‘tips’ and ‘whys guys’ sections, this is a great introduction to food, food science, cooking and health for young readers. The ‘What to look for’ sections are also perfect primers to make better food shoppers. This book is ideal for the home, but will also suit lesson plans and school activities.


5 Stars!

Girl Power

There are lots of recipes for kids and adults to make; the author uses less well-known ingredients to ‘get you out of your comfort zone’ to try something new.

103.1FM Grafton

This book is a well presented fusion work packed with awesomely simple quick recipes (like banana smoothies) combined with fun food facts for the juniors (like why asparagus makes pee smell funny).

Creative Kids Tales

This is truly an outstanding journey of learning about food, its value and preparation, without being a cookbook.

Anastasia Gonis


CBCA Book of the Year Awards, Eve Pownall Award for Information Books
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