“Your mission,” said the chief, “should you choose to accept it, is to penetrate DOG Fortress, disguised as a pedigree kitten.”

Kitten Kaboodle is no ordinary cat. He’d rather chase a Rottweiler than a ribbon and prefers kung-fu to cuddles. He is the number one secret agent at CAT – the Clandestine Activity Taskforce. When pedigree kittens start disappearing, Kitten Kaboodle is on the job. Who could guess that this mission will lead him straight to DOG – the Disaster Organisation Group – and the priceless Catier Emerald?


Eileen O’Hely was born in Melbourne and currently lives in Brisbane with her husband and young family. She has worked as an English teacher in Germany, an IT specialist for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy and as a web writer and sports reporter in England, writing as much fiction as her hectic sight-seeing schedule would allow. Her first novel won the 2006 Children’s Books Ireland Bisto Honour Award. Kitten Kaboodle and the Catier Emerald is her first Walker title.

Heath McKenzie is a much-loved and highly successful Melbourne-based children’s book illustrator whose work ranges from early childhood picture books to YA novel covers. The funniest illustrator not on the stand-up circuit, and much in demand for his school appearances, Heath learned the alphabet a little while ago and can still remember it all to this day!


Young independent readers will enjoy this exploration of the secret lives of animals, which references the style of many classic whodunits. Heath McKenzie’s illustrations combine the cute and the clever in each cat, and the comic brutishness of the enthusiastic but not-so-bright dogs. Recommended for lower- to mid-primary independent readers.

Aussie Reviews

For someone who loves adventure and animals this looks like it could be a good series for them.

Bug in a Book

This book, aimed at readers aged seven and up, is a lot of fun, with the age-old rivalry between canines and felines played out in an action-packed narrative that involves the theft of a $3 million emerald

Fancy Goods

The humour of the text is underlined by the charming McKenzie drawings which are found on most pages. The chapters are short and in large print, most suitable for an able first time independent reader. The descriptions of the things Kaboodle gets up to, compared with the way he is treated at home by his doting owner, will cause whoops of delight from the readers.

Read Plus

A thouroghly enjoyable read.

The Australian Times

For someone who loves adventure and animals this looks like it could be a good series for them.

The Kylie Verse

This is the first in the series and is highly recommended.

Junior Books + Publishing


Davitt Awards, Best Children’s Crime Novel
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