The Waggiest Tails

Poems written by dogs with help from Brian and Roger

Illustrator: Ed Boxall

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Otter-Barry Books

Age 7+


I wasn't The Dog that looks like its Owner
and Most Fabulous Fella was some other male.
But there was one class where I came in first -
I'm The Dog with the Waggiest Tail.

From huskies, born to run, to those big bad bruisers, the security dogs. Meet Bruno, the smallest dog on the farm, and Charlie, the dancing chihuahua. Find rescue dogs, helping dogs, yappy dogs, happy dogs - and the dog with the waggiest tail! All written from the dogs' point of view, by internationally acclaimed poets Brian Moses and Roger Stevens, this funny and perceptive canine collection will be treasured by dog-lovers of all ages.


Roger Stevens visits schools, libraries and festivals performing his work and running workshops for young people and teachers. He spends his time between the Loire, in France, and Brighton, where he lives with his wife and a very, very, very shy dog called Jasper. He has published over thirty books for children, but Jasper says this book is the best one yet. Brian Moses has worked as a professional poet since 1988 and continues to perform his poetry and percussion shows in schools, libraries, theatres and festivals around the UK and abroad. When asked by the BBC to write a poem for the Queen's 80th Birthday he wrote a poem from the point of view of her corgis which was framed and is probably hanging up in one of the lesser bathrooms in Buckingham Palace, or behind the dog kennels. Brian lives in East Sussex, with his own dog, a red labrador called Honey. Ed Boxall is an illustrator, writer and performer. He loves illustrating poetry because he loves to read the poems. Ed lives in Hastings, East Sussex and has a small grey dog called Dixie who thinks she's a human.

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