I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast

A Celebration of Plants Around the World

Illustrator: Phillip Giordano

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Flying Eye Books

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Age 7+

Picture Storybooks

Did you know that the rubber in your shoes came from a tree? Ever wondered where your breakfast cereal is grown? Have you remembered to thank a bee today for the food you ate for dinner last night?

Get ready to learn everything you never knew about plants and then some! This illustrated compendium celebrates the plants you didn't even know you used, from your toothpaste to your car tires to the name of your great-great-aunt. This comprehensive overview also contains great plant projects you and your friends can try at home!


Michael Holland has had a 25-year career at the eminent Chelsea Physic Garden in London, latterly as Head of Education for over 17 years. He has taught tens of thousands of people, aged 2 to 92, about the natural world.

Born in a small coastal town in Liguria, Italy, to a Filipina mother and Swiss father, Philip Giordano is a tireless globetrotter, who now lives and works in Tokyo. After studying at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and at the European Institute of Design, he earned a Master in Animation in Turin. He works for a number of magazines and publishing houses around the world, illustrating book covers, designing toys, and creating children's books and animations. The simple and colorful shapes of his illustrations, his iconic characters, and his graphic landscapes render his unique style immediately recognizable and transform his stories into breathtaking visual journeys.


Funny and clever, with illustrations that are a feast for the eye. An instant classic.

A fun read from start to finish with some brilliant experiments.

Chelsea Physics Garden

I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast (Flying Eye) is a compendium of plants so full of dazzling, delicious pictures that it’s like opening up a world-class garden in your hands.

The Guardian

Many books have celebrated plants, but this one feels special.

The Observer

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