The Adventures of Team Pom: The Last Dodo

Illustrator: Isabel Roxas

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Flying Eye Books

Book 2 of The Adventures of Team Pom Series

Age 7+

Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels

The oddballs of Team Pom are back for another action-packed romp through Queens – this time with even more hilarious shenanigans, sticky situations, and hairy villains in bowler hats.

It’s the summer break in Shadyside, Queens, and the team have continued their investigation into the mysterious, shady organisation called C.A.O.S, hoping to discover what evil deeds its sinister boss Steve plans to dish out next.

Seeking a bit of quiet from their busy case, the trio head to the American Museum of Natural history to check in with Ruby’s mother, an ornithologist heading up research on the remains of the very last dodo, currently frozen and kept under lock and key… But not for long! After the precious remains are squirrelled away by Steve’s two crafty rodent minions, Team Pom are suddenly thrown into the middle of C.A.O.S's latest dastardly scheme!

Can they foil Steve’s plans in time to save the entire city? Can peanut butter really save the day? Or will the poor citizens of New York City suffer a feathery fate?


Born in Manila, Philippines, Isabel Roxas is an author/illustrator, ceramicist and micropublisher. Isabel has illustrated several books for young readers, including Goodnight Songs (Sterling Books), Let Me Finish! (Disney-Hyperion) and Day at the Market (Adarna House), winner of the Philippine National Book Award. Isabel’s work has been recognized by American Illustration, HOW Magazine and 3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration


Resplendent with the most gorgeous mid-century colour scheme, it boasts endearing oddball characters readers will root for and adore, and an off-the-wall story underpinned by a luminous message of teamwork.


Good book alert! Drew and her daughters love biting into a good book together, and The Adventures of Team Pom is a hilarious series they revisit again and again!

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