At the start of the twentieth century, Marie Curie, a Polish physicist and chemist, stunned the scientific world. Her research led to the discovery of two elements, polonium and radium. She also examined the most unusual property of these elements: radioactivity. This graphic biography follows Curie from her early life in Poland to her scientific education in France. It also spotlights her work with Pierre Curie and her efforts to treat wounded soldiers during World War I.


Jordi Bayerri is a freelance comic-book artist based in Valencia, Spain.


This new nonfiction graphic novel series focuses on famous scientists from childhood through the hardships they endured in pursuit of their passions—from Albert Einstein’s divorce and his move to America during the Nazi rise to power in Germany, to Marie Curie’s struggle to obtain an education in Russian-occupied Poland. The author also discusses unexpected opportunities, like Charles Darwin’s life-altering voyage on the Beagle. Bayarri infuses cartoon illustrations with historical details that should open up class discussion about world events—such as Curie taking her X-ray machine to the front lines of World War I to assist injured soldiers. Back matter includes an archival photo or image of the scientist, as well as a glossary, a time line, an index, and a list of further resources.

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Curious readers wishing for slightly more information will be glad of the helpful back matter, containing further resources, a time line, a scientific glossary, and an index. While this is a simplified take on a complex individual, it nonetheless gives an intriguing peek into an extraordinary mind.


The graphic format will make these instantly appealing to a large swath of readers and are worthy additions to most collections.

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