Cactus Kid Rumble at the Rodeo

Illustrator: Emmanuel Guerrero

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Flying Eye Books

Book 2 of Cactus Kid Series

Age 10+

Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels

It’s time for the ultimate showdown, and this time Cactus Kid is up against some serious bad guys—will he be able to triumph and continue on his quest to become the coolest, most powerful wizard of all time?

Cactus Kid is back and ready to meet the next wizard on his solo hero journey. This time, it’s Big Boulder, master of earth magic—but when Cactus Kid stumbles across the Rodeo at the Muck Mines, he’s pushed into the most epic battle of his life. Facing down big bad spiders, giant rock creatures, and pesky posers who think they own the joint, can Cactus Kid train with Big Boulder in time to show ‘em all who’s boss?


Emmanuel Guerrero was born in Santa Ana, California, a suburb 40 minutes south of Los Angeles. He is a comic artist that has tabled at multiple festivals in cities across the US and his comics can be found in independent book stores across LA.

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