A quirky picture book with a unique twist that will inspire the next generation of readers to protect our oceans.

What happens when a jellyfish falls in love with a plastic bag she mistakes for a jelly-boy? Jelly-Boy is different. He is big and strong. And not as wobbly as the other Jelly-boys. By the time Jelly-Girl discovers the dangerous truth about her new friend, it may already be too late.

This is an inventive approach to tackling a conservation issue that is plaguing our world: too much plastic in the ocean. Told in a kid-friendly and humorous way, this is a story with the potential to encourage dialogue around an important issue.


Nicole Godwin shines a light on environmental and animal rights issues through captivating picture books that engage readers and help to create a generation of thoughtful, committed and compassionate individuals. With topics ranging from a jellyfish falling in love with a plastic bag (Jelly-Boy) to ocean conservation (Billie) and elephants being used to entertain tourists (Ella), Nicole’s books are striking a chord with children, families and teachers.

Christopher Nielsen is inspired by his love of vintage design. His work has been acknowledged by The AGDA Awards, 3x3, Communication Arts, American Illustration, Society Of Illustrators NY, Luerzers Archive, Hotshop Awards and The Creative Annual. He has received Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Illustrators Australia Awards.


The pictures, like the text, are not as simple as they might at first seem: textures and detail will keep young eyes engaged even if the narrative ideas go over their heads. Jelly-Boy will make an excellent teaching resource, useful for starting discussions with early primary school-aged children about recycling and caring for the environment.

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Highly recommended. A wonderful read aloud as well as a cunning cautionary tale about the destructive nature of the plastic bag in our environment, this book deserves a place in every classroom to be read and discussed along with a rethink of their use of the plastic bag.


I love how Jelly-Boy uses simple text and vivid illustrations to teach children how dangerous plastic and other rubbish can be for animals in the ocean.

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I love the flow in this book; how the words, typography and illustrations work together to tell an engaging and meaningful story… great to drive conversation about marine life and ocean conservation in a classroom or group setting

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a fun book that partners beautiful illustrations created in an engaging visual language of bright retro printmaking with an original and thought-provoking story

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