A heartfelt and humorous adventure from the bottom of the sea and beyond, following one fish on an epic journey.
Deep, deep, deep under the sea … lives Blobfish! Blobfish loves telling jokes, although he has no one to share them with, so he sets off on an adventure to find a friend. But sometimes friends turn up in the most unexpected places, even at the bottom of the ocean. This heartfelt and humorous story gently introduces children to themes of friendship, belonging and the issue of plastics in our oceans.


This humorous and appealing story with bold and striking illustrations has a strong message for its readers about the danger to sea creatures of plastic in the ocean. A great book to share for World Oceans Day.

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No matter what age you are, I strongly suggest getting yourself a copy of this to cheer you up. Blobfish has a great message about finding friendship and battling loneliness for kids, but for adults it’s a real fun time. It also has a little message about plastic pollution and how that impacts fish as a bonus too!

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Blobfish has an important message for youngsters about the dangers of plastic in the sea and why we must dispose of beach litter carefully.

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Above the water, kids happily play on the beach, but below the water Blob Fish is a lonely bottom-dweller in desperate need of a buddy. He spends his days lying on the sea floor, telling dad jokes to no one in particular. Annoyingly, everyone else appears to have a special friend; seahorses are playing catchy, jellyfish share laughs, but Blob Fish is just … well, blobby. Back on the beach, a plastic bag dances in the wind, lands on the water and ominously sinks towards the hapless fish. Olaf Falafel’s entertaining and cleverly crafted story about friendship and protecting the environment is a direct hit to the heart and mind.

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Comedian Olaf Falafel tackles some big issues in 32 pages – littering and water pollution, loneliness, and friendship. By and large this tongue in cheek tale takes a light-hearted look at a serious environmental issue and does a great job for its intended audience. Weaving in themes of belonging and friendship against such an immense topic is a tricky feat, but there is enough charm and character to carry it through to its fairy tale conclusion, with some valuable learning along the way. Combining Blobfish’s journey with the illustrations of the damage plastics can do in the ocean is a powerful example, weaving together imaginative text and informational graphics for younger readers. The illustrations are colourful and bright, and the cover leaves no question as to the quirkiness that lies within. Preschool and kindergarten readers will delight in the funny antics of Blobfish and will connect with his earnest desire for a friend.

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Tees Valley Education Book Award
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