A beautiful non-fiction book which aims to inspire children to think about art made from recycled material.

In the early 1900s the way art was created changed. Pablo Picasso used cardboard instead of paint. Marcel Duchamp called a bicycle wheel art and Raoul Hausemann made a sculpture out of an old shopkeeper’s dummy. Instead of using traditional materials such as paint, more and more artists started using found materials like newspapers, old photographs and bits of furniture. And they are still doing it today. Find out how these artists, using found materials, changed the art world. Be inspired to create your own masterpieces!


Lisa Hölzl is an artist, teacher and author who lives in Sydney with her husband and two children. In addition to lecturing in art and design, Lisa runs art workshops for children and adults from her studio, an old bakery in Marrickville. During some of these workshops, she realised there was a need for an educational art resource focusing on the rich history and use of recycled and found materials by contemporary and historical artists. Her first book Found: The Art of Recycling, published in 2012, met this need. A second book was always planned to take things a bit further and focus on practical art making projects using sustainable materials. Lisa has degrees in art and design and Masters degrees in visual arts and teaching and currently lectures at Billy Blue College of Design, in Sydney. She wrote this book as a resource to inspire and assist other teachers, parents, artists and children to use recycled materials in their art making


Found: The Art of Recycling by Sydney artist and teacher Lisa Holzl emphasises the role art and creativity play in providing opportunities for individuals to express their ideas and responses to the world around them and to challenge traditional ways of thinking. It is a great resource for children at home and would also be useful in a classroom setting for art lessons and considering the impact and message of sustainable art and design.

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