A new dive into fascinating facts from best-selling, multi-award-winning author/illustrator Frané Lessac.

Along the coastline of Australia, underwater reefs are bustling with the most amazing sea creatures living on the planet! A deep dive into the biodiversity of Australia’s remarkable coastline from sharks to octopuses to dolphins and manta rays and seahorses - and the most famous reef of all – the Great Barrier Reef.



Throughout this brightly illustrated book are amazing facts easily accessible for middle grade readers but also perfect as a read aloud for younger readers.


…in this stunning new book, Frané Lessac takes the young reader on an alphabetical journey to meet some of those inhabitants.

The Bottom Shelf

This bright and cheerful information picture book is a companion volume to Frané Lessac’s A is for Australia and A is for Australian Animals. It contains facts not just about our coral reefs such as the Great Barrier Reef but also about fringing reefs, patch reefs and atolls

Reading Time

“Admire the astonishing biodiversity of Australian coral reefs.This title joins a long line of coral reef celebrations, though it stands out for its stress on biodiversity, even occasionally showing how the many species are connected. Sure to cultivate a sense of wonder at an oceanic ecosystem. “


This colourful introduction to the underwater life of Australia’s reef will keep young readers captivated, and learning, for hours.This is a book for anyone who loves ocean life; but will also have trivia enthusiasts and those who love a bizarre fact, coming back to it again and again. Recommended for all ages, and school and public libraries.

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