The perfect gift for any young animal-lover, this beautifully illustrated natural history book is an ideal introduction to creatures of the seas.

Illustrated in a bright, contemporary style, this modern guide to twenty of the most interesting marine animals from all around the world is packed with information and fun facts – everything you need to know to help you learn about and identify our ocean-living friends. From the little shrimp to the big blue whale, taking in the magnificent narwhal, the beautiful moon jellyfish and the fascinating anglerfish along the way, there is so much to find out. With key facts about size, habitat, diet and population, there are detailed descriptions of each animal and fascinating did-you-know facts


Zoë Ingram lives and works in Scotland. She has illustrated numerous books for children and adults as well as designing fabric, stationery and wallpaper. She is inspired by the world around her and her two young daughters. Zoë's artwork has been described as lush, colourful, elegant, playful, organic and design with a twist! Zoe is in love with colour and often uses hand lettering, layering and textures in her work combining traditional methods with digital finishing.


We have A LOT of sea creatures books so I didn’t think this one would provide much… but the information and fun facts are SO interesting and new

Messy Play with Mia

‘My First Book of Sea Creatures’ illustrated by Zoë Ingram is the perfect introduction to non-fiction texts. ? Digestible key key facts ? Clean, easy to read layout ? Bright, engaging illustrations. The teacher in me would LOVE IT if all junior non-fiction looked like this.

Oh Creative Day

The perfect book for any young animal-lover! My kids love this one. It’s full of bright illustrations, interesting information and fun facts on 20 of the oceans most fascinating animals. An excellent introduction to the world of sea creatures for young readers.


The information is parcelled in simple easy to understand and interesting segments arranged around a rich and stunning illustration. … a rich, modern, simple and bright enticement for the young marine scientist.

Read Plus

The illustrations by Zoe Ingram are the drawcard of this book. Each creature is colourful, clearly illustrated, and the layout of the pages make it easy to read and digest. Not overly wordy, it is a simple, fact-filled read and a lovely addition to an avid sea-lovers library. An opportunity to connect with discussions on sea life, the Great Barrier Reef and ocean life in general.

CBCA: Reading Time


Bookbug Picture Book Prize
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