In this book you are guaranteed not to find any dragons... A clever interactive picture book—sure to keep kids laughing as they look for dragons.

There are no dragons in this book! Wait, is that really true? There was one right here, wasn’t there? Was he hiding in the attic? What do you mean, he’s not alone? Come on, let’s give the book a good shake and see what happens!

Set in a community home with an ensemble of characters–both children and adults–Donna Lambo-Weidner's debut picture book filled with humor (and dragons) encourages close observation and discovery. Carla Haslbauer’s cheeky, scurrying illustrations are chock-full of funny details and metafictional allusions.


Donna Lambo-Weidner was born in Germany and raised in New York. She completed her bachelor of arts degree at the Universität Tübingen through Stony Brook University. She writes books for children about adventures laced with her actual experiences. There Are No Dragons in this Book is her first picture book. Donna Lambo-Weidner lives in California with her husband.

Carla Haslbauer was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and grew up in the small town of Bad Nauheim. She has worked as a freelance illustrator since graduating from the Lucerne School of Art and Design. As a member of the comic group Corner Collective, she also regularly creates comics. Her first book My Mother’s Delightful Deaths was nominated for various awards. Carla Haslbauer lives and works in Basel.

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