Into the Deep: Life Through the Depths of the Ocean

Life Through the Depths of the Ocean

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Black Dog Books

Age 8+

General Science, Nature, The Natural World Science & Technology: General Interest Educational: Sciences

The deepest parts of the world's oceans are in the trenches – giant canyons in the seafloor. Even here, life thrives.
From the surface to the deepest depths meet the amazing, bizarre and sometimes creepy creatures that live in our oceans.
Into the Deep begins in a conventional landscape layout, then the book changes part-way through to a ‘calendar’ style layout, reinforcing the idea of descending further and further into the deep ocean.


Dr Mark Norman is a marine biologist and a world expert on octopuses, squids and cuttlefishes (the 'cephalopods'). He is Senior Curator of Molluscs at Museum Victoria where he undertakes marine biology research. He is also a trained teacher, an educational display designer and an experienced underwater cinematographer. He has published extensively and his publications include 'A guide to squid, cuttlefish and octopuses of Australasia' and 'Cephalopods: a world guide'. His research and projects with documentary makers including BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel has covered giant squid, poisonous blue-ringed octopuses, huge aggregations of southern giant cuttlefish and diving surveys of remote Indo-Pacific coral reefs.


This book is a fascinating journey for young readers. Not only are we taken through the ocean by depth, the author has cleverly headed each double page spread with a title that further divides the creatures we encounter – such as Ocean Wanderers and Lots of Teeth (scary!). He also intersperses the pages with miniature bios on each critter, and snippets of fascinating information that help put the depth into perspective. Stunning illustrations by David Paul on increasingly lustrous and dark pages make this as much as visual feast as it is a journey into the unknown. Take your kids on the dive of their life.

Kids' Book Review

Every page of this fascinating and easy to read book is a visual feast, plus there’s information which is so interesting that a child will want to immediately repeat it to his mates, his teachers, his parents. In keeping with the sense of darkness in the Deep, most of the pages with their striking photographs are black with white and coloured typeface. There’s also a glossary, an index and a list of further resources. Don’t be surprised if this book wins awards – it will certainly win a lot of young fans!

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