Emperor's Kingdom: Penguins on Ice

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Black Dog Books

Age 5+

Nature, The Natural World Wildlife

Through amazing footage and stunning photographs, this DVD book uncovers the magical life of the Emperor Penguins, the world's largest penguins. Catch a glimpse of the Emperor Penguins as they scamper across the ice. Watch the colony huddle together to stay warm during the freezing Antarctic winter. See the baby penguins, snug and warm on their dad's feet. Observe the hungry babies as they demand food from their parents. Come for a wander through The Emperor's Kingdom, and experience a year in the life of these amazing creatures.


Dr Roger Kirkwood spent a year living with the Emperor penguins on the Mawson Coast of Antarctica. He has participated in many research trips to study penguins, albatross, seals and zooplankton. When not venturing south, Roger works as a marine biologist for the Phillip Island Penguin Parade in Victoria, Australia.


The DVD that is included brings the Penguins to life and sound. The photography throughout the book and on the DVD is superb and will be of great interest to young and older readers alike. A beautiful and interesting book for all ages.

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