Loki's third doodle-packed diary in the number one best-selling series.

When Heimdall and Hyrrokkin abandon their "children" to go on holiday, Odin sends Baldur – Thor's half brother and god of making Loki look bad – to babysit.

As Baldur and Thor bond, Loki's attempts to prove he's good start getting a bit desperate. After the drama teacher casts him as the villain in the school play, Loki starts to wonder whether there's any point in being good when everyone seems convinced of his villainy.

That is until he discovers a rather unusual ring among the costumes and props. A ring that looks suspiciously like the cursed ring of Andvari, one that promises Loki the world if only he gives in to his deepest, darkest desires...


Louie Stowell writes books about magic, gods and monsters (mostly). She has written carefully-researched books about space, ancient Egypt, politics and science but eventually lapsed into just making stuff up. She has written fiction for 8–12 (Nosy Crow and Walker Books US), but Loki: A Bad God's Guide series is her first as both author and illustrator, inspired by her research into Norse myths.


This series is the one that convinced my son that reading could be fun […] These books are my ‘go to’ for recommendations for friends’ children.

NetGalley Reviewer

A book that is guaranteed to make you smile and belly laugh on every page. The humour in this book is sheer brilliance, whether you are 6, 36 or 86!

NetGalley Reviewer

Another hilarious Loki book […] Loved the explanations of mortal things such as zoos, mall etc that made me laugh out loud. Some of the best parts though are the illustrations of Loki…particular favourites are Loki on a slide, Loki as a hamster and Loki as a professional footballer. Brilliant!

NetGalley Reviewer

My students and I love this series. The storyline is as crazy and hilarious as in the first two books.

NetGalley Reviewer

WARNING: This book will crack you right up! […] Another fabulously funny read from Louie Stowell, this time with a very clever exploration of good/evil and empathy! Love the characters. Love the comedy. Love the art. These books are GENIUS. Can’t wait to see what my favourite unreliable narrator gets up to in the next one.

NetGalley Reviewer


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