The Dragonsitter in the Land of the Dragons

Illustrator: Garry Parsons

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Andersen Press

The Dragonsitter series Series

Age 5+

Mysteries & The Supernatural Pets Humorous Stories Fantasy & Magical Realism

Eddie has travelled with his uncle Morton to Mongolia, in hope of being one of the few to watch the Great Dragon Battle Ceremony. But wild dragons are not nearly so friendly as pet ones, and the inhospitable mountains are a dangerous place to be stuck with nothing but a pile of chocolate bars. Meanwhile, back at home, Mum can't quite believe her son has really run off to Mongolia, and now she has been left with the tricky task of dragonsitting . . .

Told in emails between Eddie and his mum, The Dragonsitter in the Land of the Dragons is an extra actionpacked tale of misunderstandings, monsters and Mars bars.


Josh Lacey (Author)
Josh Lacey is the author of many books for children including The Island of Thieves, Bearkeeper, The Dragonsitter and the Grk series. He has worked as a journalist and written one book for adults, God is Brazilian. His first book for children, A Dog Called Grk, was shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award. Josh lives in London with his wife and daughters.

Garry Parsons (Illustrator)
Garry Parsons is an award-winning illustrator of books for children, including the bestselling The Dinosaur That Pooped series. Garry’s illustrations have accompanied the words of many prestigious picture-book authors, including Kes Gray, Ian Whybrow and Peter Bently. He has also illustrated the popular fiction series The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey and the space adventure series George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking for slightly older readers. Garry lives in London with his young family and old dog.


Full of humour and wit.


If you liked The Boy Who Grew Dragons, then we think you’ll really love this fully illustrated funny chapter books series for readers aged 5+. Eddie is a young boy trusted with an incredibly big task: he must look after his uncle’s pet DRAGON, Ziggy, every time his uncle is off on a holiday. The only problem is Ziggy is a very naughty pet dragon who always seems to get himself (and Eddie) into lots of trouble. This is such a fun series by Josh Lacey, the author of the Hope Jones Save The World books and the Time Travel Twins books.


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