Being yourself is the name of the game, in the weird and wonderful Aussie bush. Explore the magic of curly individualism.

The Gum Queen takes her Gumkin on a fantastic journey through the details of design, colour and shape that exist in the Australian Bush, among the incredible seedpods and flora to be found there.

Individuality is alive and well in the bush, where no two seedpods are alike. Curliness and self-expression are magically explored through the exotic variety to be found in nature. And the ability to curl true to ourselves in revealed as the key to growing up.

This is part of a charming and very different series of Australiana. Includes: Hide-and-find fun Illustrations are bold and colourful with lots of added interest, including 14 bush flies hidden in the illustrations.


Maree Coote is a writer, designer, illustrator and photographer. She is the author of two gold award winning histories, 'The Melbourne Book' and 'The Art of Being Melbourne', and is author/illustrator of a dozen children's books, including the Bologna Ragazzi Special Mention 2017 Award-winning 'Spellbound’, and the Nami Concours Illustration Distinction Prize. Her graphic work for children is focused on the typographic illustrations (Letter Art) she has developed in her recent books.

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