Deep in the cold clear waters off the Southern Australian coast is a strange but true, real live downunder underwater wonder.

Deep down under, in the cold, clear waters off the southern Australian Coast, is a strange but wonderful dragon, unlike any other in the world. No one even knows it’s there, but the world would be a terrible place without it. In this magical underwater tale, a very observant onlooker discovers a hidden dragon, and the last great seacret, hidden by the smallest dragon of all. It’s all about the value of imagination and creativity.

Unique to the waters of the southern Australia, the Weedy Seadragon (Phyllopterix taeniolatus) and its cousin the Leafy Seadragon (Phycodurus eques) are truly remarkable creatures.

This is part of a charming and very different series of Australiana. Illustrations are rich and the story is gentle and inspiring.


Maree Coote is a writer, designer, illustrator and photographer. She is the author of two gold award winning histories, 'The Melbourne Book' and 'The Art of Being Melbourne', and is author/illustrator of a dozen children's books, including the Bologna Ragazzi Special Mention 2017 Award-winning 'Spellbound’, and the Nami Concours Illustration Distinction Prize. Her graphic work for children is focused on the typographic illustrations (Letter Art) she has developed in her recent books.

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