Pea was ambitious. Pea was independent. Pea wanted to be a star. That pod's holding me back, thought Pea ...

Pea wanted to go it alone. Pea didn’t need the pod. Pea was fine without them. But can Pea achieve success without the help of the pod?

Join Pea on a quest for self-fulfillment that reveals the power of friends, community and collaboration. “A STORY OF RAW AMBITION!”

Finished off with some fabulous recipes for some easy-peasy cooking fun!


Maree Coote is author and illustrator of two award-winning local histories and more than a dozen children’s books with high-concept Design and Art themes, each with a notable sense of place. Coote has maintained a prolific output since 2003. She is also renowned for her fresh and playful take on typography that blurs the boundaries between word and image. Her unique ‘Letter Art’ or ‘Fontigram’ typographic style has generated exciting collaborations in Italy and in South Korea.

Coote’s books have been shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council Awards in Australia; won the Non Fiction Mention Prize at the Bologna Ragazzi Fiere in 2017, and been awarded South Korea’s Nami Concours 2017 Distinction Prize, the Royal Historical Society of Victoria Gold Award 2012, Silver for Best Illustration in Moonbeam Awards USA, 2018, and three times Gold for Best Regional Book in the USA Independent Publisher Awards USA in 2014, 2015 and 2023.


Opening a book by Maree Coote is like opening a present. You never know what to expect, and always get a pleasant surprise. The Independent Pea is another impressive creation by this imaginative and gifted author and illustrator. It is a story behind a story. As with her former publications, this production displays Coote’s innovative use of words and letters. Filled with clever, humorous wordplay, it places food and recipes at its centre.

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